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Centers for Independent Living (CIL's) are private, not-for-profit organizations that work with people with all disabilities to advance their independence.

Each CIL promotes the Independent Living movement which seeks to change community attitudes and beliefs which perpetuate dependence.

Independent Living is a philosophy which states that people with disabilities should have the same civil rights, choices and control as do people without disabilities.

DAWN is the Center for Independent living serving Morris, Sussex and Warren counties.

DAWN will celebrate its 10 year anniversary in October of 2006.

DAWN's Mission

Center for Independent Living (DAWN) empowers people with disabilities to strive for equality and to take control of their own lives by:

  • Providing the tools that encourage independence and self-advocacy.

  • Promoting public awareness of the needs, desires and rights of individuals living with disabilities.

  • Offering community activities that create new experiences and opportunities.

DAWN's Vision

DAWN seeks the resource to yield:

  • Satisfied consumers

  • Following the IL philosophy

  • Educated, proud and proficient staff.

That accomplishment will be evident from the interaction, recognition and source cards of age foundations, government and the public.